Basic Operation of Cafe Manila


Starting new session

To start a new customer session click on Workstation Tab  and click on either List View, Graphical View or Screenshot View. be sure that the computers are already turn-on.

There are several different ways to start a new session on a computer depending on your cafe policies and type of customer:

Should it be Play & Pay or Pay & Play?


Starting a New Guest Prepaid Session

  1. Right-click a free computer (a free computer should have a blue screen in the list view and graphical overview.
  2. You may get asked to reset the account in case the previous session hasn't been finished. You will see the following screen in that case:

    If the customer by an accident has been logged out, you can choose to continue the session by pressing Continue - the customer will then get logged in immediately. If you press the Reset button, the balance will get reset and you can add new time to the account.
  3. Note:  If you choose to reset a guest account it will not affect your financial report as the remaining balance will appear as unused time.

  4.  Now choose Guest Login. You will now be presented of this screen below:

  5. Select from the User Group combo box. You may either click the spin text box to adjust the hour and minute or click on button (1 Hour, 30 Min, 15 MIn and 1 min)  to adjust the time.   
  6. Continuously press the button to adjust the time.   
  7. Now click on Login and Pay Later  or Pay and Login button.

Starting a Prepaid User Account Session

  1. To start a new user account session click on Users Tab and then locate the user on the list and double click it.

  2. On the user details window, click on Add Time button. You will now be presented of this screen below

  3. Adding prepaid time to the guest account is done by pressing the buttons equal to the time he/she needs.

  4. Try add one hour by pressing the 60 button once. Click the Add time button to finally add the time to the session. Besides the time you can choose to add products or deposit money - that is done the same way as adding time.

  5. At this time the sale is not paid for yet, but you will see an amount due in the lower right corner of the window. Choose the payment method by clicking the combo box indicating Cash as this is the standard payment method.

  6. Before you click the Pay button you can specify the amount you actually received in cash and choose whether you want a receipt printed.

This screen will close and your customer may now select any free computer that he/she like to use. Just enter their provided username and password for authentication. Once successfully logged in, you will notice, that the computer screen will turn green to indicate, that it is currently occupied.


Starting a Play & Pay Session (Open Session)

You can also choose to start a Play & Pay session, either with or without a user account.


Starting a Guest Play & Pay Session

  1. Select a computer for the guest.
  2. Right-Click the computer. Choose guest login.
  3. As in the previous scenario you might get asked to reset the account.
  4. On Guest Login window, click on Login and Pay Later button.
  5. The customer can now begin his/her session.

Starting a User Account Session in Play & Pay Mode

  1. Locate the user account by entering the username in the Search field in the top of the Users tab window.
  2. Once you have found the account, Right-Click.
  3. Choose Open Account.
  4. The customer can now login at any computer with his/her account and begin the session.