Introduction to the Cafe Manila Pro Server Interface

At this point we assume, that you already have installed Cafe Manila Pro Server on your computers. If you haven't done that yet, you can read our easy understandable guide to help you install the system as easy as possible.

At this point you should have a setup with a Server and an Administrator and some Clients - everything is connected and ready to use.

Launching the Cafe Manila Pro Server

Double click the icon on the desktop or access the application from the Start Menu.  

  1. The first thing you need to do is to identify yourself when you log in. There will be a standard username and password, which is Admin/Admin.

  2. Click the OK button and you will be presented of the Main window in the Server application - displayed below:

Main Screen

  1. Workstation
    On this screen display all computers in your cyber cafe.

  2. User
    Every-time you create a personal user account of a customer it will display in this screen. It provides you with an easy overview of your user accounts, so you for instance can identify customers with a negative account.

  3. Tickets
    This screen displays generated tickets for prepaid used.

  4. Logouts
    This screen will be explained later as they are not important yet.