How To Install Cafe Manila

This guide is created with the intentions to give you an easy introduction on how to set up Cafe Manila in your cyber café.


1. Installing Cafe Manila server

Cafe Manila Server is a "server" side (control) application. Typically Cafe Manila Server would be installed on the computer near/on your cashier desk. This will be your Cafe Manila server system and it will help to process payments quickly and efficiently.

We can now start the Cafe Manila installation by double-clicking the Cafe Manila.exe file.

You are now ready to start the installation, just click the Next button to start the installation.  By default the server installation is pre-selected and click on Next button to proceed.

When the installation is done, click the Finish button and continue to Step 2.


3. Starting Your Cafe Manila Server for the First Time

After the installation is finished, you will find some new shortcuts on your desktop. Double-click the Cafe Manila Server icon to start the server. Every time the server starts, it will check if there are any new updates available for download. If any updates are found, a window will pop up telling you that there is new updates available for download, click the Download now button to download and install the latest version of Cafe Manila.

The first time you launch the server, a setup guide will start, helping you customize the server for your café, and also help you activate a new or already existing Cafe Manila account.

On the first screen you will select which country you are from, this will be helpful in the future in case you require support. In the second selection box, you set your desired language; this will from now on be the default language for both the server and the client.

If you’re already a Cafe Manila customer, and know your account’s login details, then please continue this guide from Step 4.

If you are new to Cafe Manila and want to try it out before purchasing, select I want to try Cafe Manila, this will let you try Cafe Manila for 30 days for free. You can easily upgrade your trial license in the future if you choose to continue using our product.

Before using Cafe Manila you will have to create a trial account. Fill in the name of your café, and how many client computers you have.

Fill in your contact details in the next step; this will be helpful in case you need support in the future.


4. Activating an Existing Account

If you’re already a Cafe Manila customer, then fill in your email and password to activate your account.


5. Installing and Running the Client Module

Using the same installer that you used to install the Server, you may use it to install the Client. Double click on "Cafe Manila.exe" file to start the installation.

  1. On the Select Features click the Server and select the "Entire features will be unavailable".

  2. Now, click on the Client and select the "Will be installed on the local hard drive".

  3. Click on Next button to proceed the installation of the client.

After installing the client module, you will find a new shortcut on your Program menu > Cafe Manila > Client. When starting the client, the Client startup wizard will come up.

If this is the first time you launch the client, you will also get to specify the computer number. Every computer in your café must have a unique computer number; otherwise they will block each other out from the server.

After specifying the computer number then you need to specify the Server computer name (recommended for DHCP/Obtain network) or IP Address.


6. Configuring the Client

To access the settings window from the client, press the escape button or click the screensaver when the client is active, and type the administrator password into the textbox (the default password is “pass” or blank). From here you can change the settings for this client, such as the IP of the server. From here you can also deactivate the Cafe Manila client and go back to the normal Windows display.


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